Charles Auguste de Bério (1802 – 1870). Duo No. 2, Op. 57. 1. Moderato con spirito

Was performed on Gala Concert (2008) on unvarnished violins especially made by violin maker Marcus Wyrsch for this project.

Innovation Duo – Anna & Jakub Dzialak Savytsky

European audiences first heard of the Innovation Duo in 2004 when they performed
P. de Sarasate’s works at the Porto-Carras Festival (Greece). Since then, they have performed hundreds of concerts and their courageous repertoire strategy has already been confirmed by the extensiveness of their tours, the enthusiastic reviews, as well as a library of scores written especially for this extraordinary duo.

The violin duo is a distinct, elitist chamber genre, meant for a discriminating and exacting audience. With their unique skills and phenomenal energy, Anna Savytska and Jakub Dzialak have been able to win the hearts of thousands of listeners. These brilliant soloists, winners of numerous prestigious international competitions:

Grazyna Bacewicz Prize 1995,
Asahi Shinbun Prize 1996, Yfrah Neamann Prize 1997, Bela Bartok Prize 1997,
Viotti Prize 1999, Romano Romanini Prize 1999, Lorenzo Perosi Prize 2000, Vaclav Huml
Prize 2001, Club Lion Prize 2002, Sarasate Prize 2003, Thessaloniki Chambermusic
Prize 2004 and 2006, Culturprize Bülach 2006, Stravinsky Prize 2007, Gyorgy Cziffra
Prize 2008, Geraldine Whittaker Prize 2010), with the rare intuition of partner-instrumentalists, scarcely have equals in the concert world today. Their virtuoso technique with a wealth of sound gradations and multi-facetted dynamics — from the strong, dramatic forte to the mystical, hushed piano — create a feeling of a multi-timbre orchestra in miniature.

The goal of the Innovation Duo is to embrace the whole duet-violin repertoire from the 16th to the 21st centuries, to give new birth to forgotten masterpieces of the Renaissance and Baroque and to interpret in their individual style Mozart’s popular salon music as well as that of the romantic epochs. In addition, they hope to offer their own interpretations of modern experimental scores, written especially for the contemporary music festivals in Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Kosovo and Ukraine. Irreproachable taste, a perfect sense of style, charisma and the ability to create an illusion of dramatic dialogue between the instruments are the keystones to success ensuring a long and creative future for Anna Savytska and Jakub Dzialak.

Camera by Olivier Meier
Video made by Artem Shmahaylo for InMuSt Productions

© InMuSt Productions 2012

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